Restaurant "Les Grillons"


The hostel "Les Grilons" is proud to announce its reopening on June 1, 2015. Located in the heart of the medieval village of Meyras, the restaurant offers local menus in a contemporary spirit where the product becomes important.

Indeed, the chef Vincent Badia revisits the classics of French cuisine with modern dressings.

The chef

Vincent Badia, a young chef of 26 years, a native of Meyras, just finished his apprenticeship cooking (culinary arts at the Institute Paul Bocuse).

Passionate about cooking, Vincent has a special interest in Ardéchois products.

The dining room

Amélie Bardaux, 24, in charge of the dining room earned his professional degree in Hospitality - Restoration.

Listening and smiling, Amélie welcomes you in the right mood for you to discover a part of our land.